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48 Hours in Oslo

City & Ski: 48 Hours in Oslo A winter trip to Norway is a magical experience. Crammed with national parks, breathtaking fjords and postcard-worthy ski resorts, this compact Nordic country offers a wealth of snowy adventures. If you’re en route to Geilo for a week on the slopes, consider a two-day stopover in Oslo for unrivalled…

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Bergen hero

48 Hours in Bergen

If you’re on your way to the snowy Norwegian ski resort of Myrkdalen, why not stop by the fabulous Bergen? Situated on the country’s western coast, Norway’s second-largest city has plenty to offer whistle-stop visitors. Bergen has a rich cultural history that goes all the way back to the year 1070. Here’s our guide to…

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48 Hours in Las Vegas

If your flight plan includes a layover in a dream destination, it’s a shame not to make the most of it. Park City is one of the ski resorts near Las Vegas. Why not take up the challenge and cram the most possible into 48 hours, in the city where life is one long party… Las…

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